Over the past few months, the Rebel Federation has taken to the Twitch streaming platform as a way to promote community growth and bonding. As such, we in the RF Administration decided it would be best for you, the community we run the Twitch channel for, to help us take the next step in developing our channel:


Twitch emotes are one way that channels earn notoriety, as subscribers can use them anywhere on the platform, prompting people who are unfamiliar with the channel to ask where they came from. Subscribers can also unlock emotes for use by spending Channel Points (known as Rebel Credits on the RF Twitch channel).

Emotes are meant to give another way for the fans to interact with streamers, with most emotes being based on a reaction of some kind. Each has a specific context it could be used for in reaction to something that has just happened on stream, or in conversation with other members of the chat.

YEP | Know Your Meme
We’re asking you to put your creativity to the test, so we can add some new Twitch emotes for use in our chat and beyond!

How would you submit this emote? You can Direct Message a member of Team Olympia with your emote(s) of choice. Any emote you submit must, of course, follow the Twitch Emote Guidelines.

In short:

  • No swearing, sexual, political, or otherwise offensive content
  • Nothing that does not fall under fair use
  • .PNG files with a transparent background only
  • Submit the file in a size between 112 × 112 px and 4096 × 4096 px
  • File size should be no larger than 1 MB, with no animation

Please read the Guidelines for further details. If you have questions or trouble following the guidelines, please reach out! We’d hate for an idea to be stifled by something as small as file size requirements.

Best of luck creating and submitting your new emote! You have until Saturday, August 15th, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time to submit an emote for consideration. There’s no set cap on the number of winners we’ll have yet, so we’re hoping to see many submissions!

Special thanks to RF Member BlankTheYeet for bringing the idea to the table, as well as the support from others in the community!

—Rebel Federation Administration

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