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Minecraft Division – Practice Battle & Training Event

The Minecraft Division will be hosting a practice battle and training event on Friday, February 15th. For this event, players will be assigned to a team and, in a pre-determined location, will try to defeat the opposing team as part of a practice battle. For more information, see the Minecraft...


Minecraft Division – Minigames Event

The Minecraft Division is holding a Minigames event. For this event we’ll be joining a server together and playing a variety of team-based minigames. Compete against other members of RF, or team up with them! See the MC Division website for more information. minecraft.rebelfederation.com


Rebel Pay Day

Every week, RF Members earn 100 Rebel Credits for being active in our community. To receive these credits, click the link provided on the Pay Day post on the home page! This link is posted on Sundays, and removed on Wednesday when the pay period closes. Make sure to pick...